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​​Why is the Village preparing a Comprehensive Plan?

The Village of Sea Cliff is preparing a new Comprehensive Plan to update the 1970 Village Master Plan. New York State recommends that municipalities update their Comprehensive Plans on a regular basis, to properly identify changes and trends that the community is undergoing, as well as develop a shared vision and implementation path for the future of the Village.


Some of the benefits and goals of a Comprehensive Plan include:

  • Provides a process for identifying community resources, long-term community needs, and a shared vision for the Village.

  • Coordinate recent planning documents in an integrated plan based on current needs and values of the community.

  • Review existing land use regulations and consider zoning recommendations where appropriate.

  • Respond to evolving regional impacts due to climate change, transportation and parking, housing affordability, and environmental needs.

  • Address traffic circulation and pedestrian safety.

​​Vision and Goals

The Comprehensive Plan Vision outlines a series of concepts that the plan seeks to address. The Vision will be developed by the steering committee and the public during outreach events and other opportunities throughout the process.


The Goals follow from the Vision, expressing broad objectives that the plan should achieve. The Vision and Goals help to guide the steering committee and the planning team, making sure that the team is focused throughout the process on issues that the community has identified as most important for the plan.

​​Long-Range Steering Committee

  • Dina Epstein, Esq. | Deputy Mayor, Member of Environmental Conservation and Traffic & Safety Commissions, Liaison to the Tree and Landmarks Preservation Commissions

  • Nick Pinto, Esq. | Trustee, Village of Sea Cliff, Liaison to the Village Business Community and Fire Department

  • Erinn McDonnell | Community Development and Grant Administration

  • William Bryant, AIA | Principal, Bryant│Liou, Former member of Landmarks Preservation Commission

  • Aaron J. Fossett | Managing Principal, Novus Infrastructure Group

  • Ryan O’Connor | CEO, Clinton Management, Chairman of Board of Fordham University Real Estate Institute

  • Kevin Costello III | Ergonomist, United States Ergonomics LLC

  • Kyle Knoell | Real Estate Agent, Douglas EllimanReal Estate

  • Margaret Casey, MA | Speech Language Pathologist, Sea Cliff Elementary School, Planning Board alternate member

​​Proposed Outline

Chapter 1: History and Regional Context

Chapter 2: Population

Chapter 3: Land Use and Zoning

Chapter 4: Transportation

Chapter 5: Housing

Chapter 6: Utilities

Chapter 7: Community Facilities and Intergovernmental Cooperation

Chapter 8: Economic Development and Business Districts

Chapter 9: Historic Preservation and Cultural and Scenic Resources

Chapter 10: Natural Resources and the Environment

Chapter 11: Sea Level Rise, Climate Change and Stormwater Management

Chapter 12: Future Land Use Plan and Implementation



​​Who is involved in the Comprehensive Plan process?

  • Long-Range Steering Committee

  • Village Board of Trustees

  • Village Staff

  • Local residents, community-based organizations, business owners, and property owners

Consultant Team

  • BFJ Planning

  • Urbanomics

How long will this process take?
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